Welcome to my tumblr page!! I'm just a teen girl that likes anime, especially Pokemon,  Hikaru no Go, Sailor Moon, and the Studio Ghibli movies. I barely seen most episodes of Pokemon. I can make bracelets and I'm interested in chibis. My favorite bands are Paramore and One Direction. I love to play Nintendo and Mega Man games. User Grabbergirl is my BFF in real life. I want to make a manga someday. Recently I started loving bead art. My fave Pokemon guy is Cilan, and my favorite books are A Series of Unfortunate Events by Daniel Handler aka Lemony Snicket.
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Iris is my least favorite pokegirl :x


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I don’t really care for Iris. I find her to be the least interesting out of all the pokegirls, as well as being very poorly written in my opinion. Since writing means everything to me in a character, Iris has very little appeal compared to the others. (This is disincluding Serena btw since I can’t fairly judge her.)

I agree. Iris kinda ruined the Cilan moments for me.